Hello community,  My name is Thiago Cardoso, Support Engineer for Dynamics support team, and I've been talked with friends, about best practices to work at home, "Home Office".

These items are based on a guide I received from our managers. 

It's a great opportunity for all of us to demonstrate that we can be efficient even if we are not physically in the office.

 Below are some tips: 

  • Have a routine in the morning.
  • Keep regular hours.
  • Set rules with people who live with you, avoid distractions.
  • Be transparent.
  • Report any issues you have for your manager or team, so they can help in whatever is needed.
  • Be sure to have everything you need, such as a fast and secure internet.
  • Dress to impress, the way you dress affects your psych. As comfortable as it is to be in your pajamas all day, this is not the best work habit.
  • Set daily goals in your opening minutes.
  • Take on a positive intention with everyone.

Thanks and if you have any other tips write in the comments.

Thiago Cardoso