segunda-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2019

How to engage with Microsoft Support, best practices. #MSDyn365

 Hi folks, my name is Thiago Cardoso and I'm work as Support Engineer at Microsoft, my focus is Dynamics 365 platform :).

We interacting with different customer across the globe and we have some tips for you when you open a case with us, please add this items on case description. 

  • Access URL to the CRM.
  • How many users are being impacted (indicate the number of users)
  • Financial impact  // Comment like Kusto
  • // we need to review severity for the case, almost cases customer opens a sev C but they have a huge impact on their env.
  • How does this problem affect the day to day
  • Workaround being used?
  • When did the problem begin?
  • Current result
  • Upload the Log, if it's available.
  • What is the expected result?
  • if the case is related on premises cases, add CRM version.

One more thing,  please add img or record the screen and  give us more detail :)

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